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Lake Days, a photo essay by Katlyn Holden | South Carolina Wild


I absolutely love lake days! We always go to Lake Jocassee or Lake Keowee on a hot Sunday after church.

The kayak picture was taken on Lake Jocassee before we got stuck in a storm. We decided one day to go find the gorgeous waterfalls near Lake Jocassee. We didn’t even make it half way before a storm popped up over the mountains, but I did get this awesome picture.


We finally made it to the waterfalls, and it was absolutely breathtaking. This particular waterfall I discovered with my mom and my boyfriend, featured in the picture. This waterfall is way back in a cove and doesn’t seem like much from the start. I decided to hike up the waterfall to see if there was something more, and oh the beauty I found. This waterfall never ended. The more you hiked the bigger the waterfalls got. We were walking up huge cliffs to see more. It is definitely dangerous, but so worth it.


The picture of my dog, Maverick, is at Lake Keowee. He absolutely loves the water and laying around in the hot sand. He also likes to think he is a model and that everyone loves him.



I shot the cactus and wildflowers on Bald Rock in Cleveland, S.C. It was a perfect day for a mountain adventure, about 75 degrees outside. So my boyfriend and I packed up the Eno and a blanket and headed up to Bald Rock. We arrived at Bald Rock and surprisingly we were the only ones there. We had brought our Bibles to do a Bible study while taking in the view. Afterwards, my boyfriend picked me the wildflowers that are in the picture and found the cactus, knowing cacti are my absolute favorite, I had to take the picture.


The photo of ragweed was taken in my hometown Pickens, S.C. There is a beautiful church on a hill where if you go at the right time you can get a beautiful picture of the sunset. My mom and I were out running errands and decided to go check out the view. When we got to the top there was a huge field of ragweed, and I couldn’t help myself but to take a picture.


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