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Snapshots of Yawkey | South Carolina Wild
Snapshots of Yawkey

Photos by Jessica Edwards

During her volunteer rounds at the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center, Horry-Georgetown Technical College student Jessica Edwards documented bald eagles, sea turtles, alligators and numerous other native species on the coastal property.

Edwards also took note of interesting remnants from the past. She was drawn to photograph the rusted pipes overtaken by native vegetation in the marsh and wondered what may have caused the “blown-out” ends.

She turned to Yawkey Center’s Education and Outreach Coordinator Jim Lee to figure out how the pipes may have gotten there. “It seems as though these were driven into the bank and used to move barges along those canals,” Lee said. “The Smithville Company built and maintained barges used in the waterways of the area from 1892 to 1903.”

Check out Jessica Edwards’ blog from last year. Edwards’ words of advice to those interested in wildlife biology: “Get as much hands-on volunteer work as you can. I am extremely thankful to Horry-Georgetown Technical College and the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center for making such a great volunteer opportunity available to me.”



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