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Meet the Summer 2018 Freshwater Fisheries Interns | South Carolina Wild

Back Row:  Elijah Lamb (Cheraw Fish Hatchery), Makenzie Bonner (Region 3), Liam Hobbie (Region 1), Amber Zonca (Eastover Research), Zachary Crum (Region 2)

Front Row:  Anna Turano (Region 4), Hannah Infanti (Dennis Center Hatchery), Rickie Hughes (Diadromous), Anaston Broom (Walhalla Fish Hatchery), Christine Cobb (Aquatic Education)

Not Pictured:  Rian Burris (Cohen Campbell Fish Hatchery), Bea DiBona (Clemson Research)

Meet the 2018 S.C. Department of Natural Resources freshwater fisheries interns! Each of these college students has been assigned to different SCDNR fish hatcheries and regional offices across the state. The SCDNR manages six hatcheries: Cheraw, Cohen Campbell, Dennis Wildlife Center, Jack D. Bayless, Spring Stevens and Walhalla. Over the summer the interns will play a vital role in the management of our state’s fishery resources. The training program is designed to give real-world experiences in the field. They’ll take part in electrofishing, gillnetting, fish propagation, fish stocking, creel surveys, fish passage assessment, habitat improvements, river and stream sampling, fish aging (otoliths), telemetry, hydroacoustics, water quality monitoring, outreach, boat and trailer maintenance.

Stay tuned! The 2018 interns will be sharing stories about their summer internships right here at www.SouthCarolinaWild.org  this September. Check out these informative articles written by the 2017 freshwater fisheries intern group:

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