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Photographing Nature’s Color Palette | South Carolina Wild
Photographing Nature’s Color Palette

Text and photos by Melody Moore


The contrast between spring and summer versus winter and fall is mainly distinguished in the colors. The light pastels and bright colors fill spring and summer pictures on the beach and in flowers. The opposite happens in the fall with mixtures of orange, brown and red leaves, and in the winter with colder weather.


I love to photograph nature close up and admire the beautiful colors that it creates on it’s own. The artistic paint in sunsets and sunrises, in my backyard or while walking on a beach, is one of my favorite things to capture. Leaves and flowers, especially during fall and spring, are always gorgeous; and I love to go outside and wander after it rains and take pictures of the water droplets that just sit on a fallen leaf or flower petal.

Sometimes I feel like I lose inspiration if maybe a picture I post doesn’t get enough “likes,” but then I see a beautiful sunset outside and remember that it is nature’s beauty that is constantly, truly inspiring me.

I’ve also discovered that I love to take hikes and just enjoy looking at creation. I take as many pictures as possible at different angles of one tree or a burst of yellow flowers surrounded by plain, green leaves. Nature is an incredible thing that God created, and I’m constantly inspired by it’s amazing colors and it’s effortless and natural beauty.

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