Volunteer with Us

Looking for a chance to volunteer for one of SCDNR’s affiliated programs?
Contact our program leaders to see what kinds of opportunities are available for you.

Archaeology Program Meg Gaillard GaillardM@dnr.sc.gov
Shooting Sports Program Scott Stephens StephensM@dnr.sc.gov
Aquatic Education Sarah Chabaane ChabaaneS@dnr.sc.gov
Envirothon Marc Cribb CribbM@dnr.sc.gov
Hunter & Boater education First Sergeant Steve Simpson SimpsonS@dnr.sc.gov
Palmetto Sportsmen’s
Dan DuPre DupreD@dnr.sc.gov
Scholastic Clay Target Sports Sergeant Scott Stephens StephensM@dnr.sc.gov
SCDNR Diversity
Alix Pedraza PedrazaA@dnr.sc.gov
Marine Volunteer Programs Olivia Bueno BuenoO@dnr.sc.gov
SC National Archery
in the Schools Program
Sergeant Charlotte McKee MayhughC@dnr.sc.gov
Take One Make One First Sergeant Ken Cope CopeK@dnr.sc.gov
Marine Programs Erin Weeks WeeksE@dnr.sc.gov
UP2U Recycling
& Upcycling
Valerie Shannon ShannonV@dnr.sc.gov